Indian Roller : The Blue Jay.

“Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates.”
― Kate Angell

This bird is the perfect example of the above saying. People who have seen this bird will be able to relate, for those who are unacquainted, I’ll guide you through.

This bird when perched on a tree or lamp post looks pretty ordinary, with normal brown feathers. No one would even pay attention to it.

That’s where Wildlife photographers come in. Though I am no where near a professional photographer, but my ultimate goal is to be one. They keep their eyes open to the slightest of movement nearby them. Anyways, I was going past the cricket ground of my college and there I saw this bird sitting on a lamp post. I was amused to spot this bird in my campus. I took out my camera and immediately started clicking it.

I had never seen such a beautiful bird, but wait, there’s more to it, it took off and flew. And I was just standing there, jaw dropped. I had never ever in my life seen such a calm, extraordinary shade of blue. The brilliance of the color and beauty of the Indian Roller is captivating in every way.

The Indian Roller acquires its name from the striking aerobatics it displays as an act of courtship. During the course of the display the bird flies high up in the sky and descends downwards in a circular motion, flapping its winds rapidly.

For all my Hindu friends, you’ll be amazed to know this is a sacred bird and is associated with Lord Shiva.

All in all, I learned that “good things come to those who wait”.

One should never ignore anyone just because of their physical appearance, you never know what they turn out to be. Inner beauty should be given utmost importance.

Indian Roller : The Blue Jay.

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