Sustainability साप्ताहिक

Unsustainable Sustainable. (Credits:

How many of you have seen a sudden upsurge of the word “Sustainability” or “Renewable” in the recent past? This is not something that happened just out of no where but a result of years of exploitation of the natural resources for our greed without a slight consideration for our future generation. Good job hoomans.

In this day and age, anyone denying a claim made by 97% of the scientists all around the world after their years of research and hardwork, is just plain stupid.

*Pointing fingers at you, Mr. Trump*

I, for one, am a devout follower of this concept. I did my master’s in this subject and aim to spread the word as much as I can. So this is my little contribution to increase the awareness amongst people about why and how this thing called sustainability could be a good thing for us and what all small things can we do to include this in our lifestyle. So getting to the point let’s talk about what it actually means.

Sustainability is the property of all the biological systems to remain diverse and produce indefinitely. The ecosystem is meant to be a sustainable system, but in the light of recent events, like industrialization, environmental degradation and population growth, the ecosystems are no longer sustainable. The major concept on which sustainability strives is Sustainable Development, which is the development that meets the need of the present generation without compromising on the needs of future generation. And let me tell you, we have already fucked it up for our future generations.

Still, better late than never. Last year, for the very first time, almost all the countries in the world agreed that climate change is a huge issue and needs proper attention and action and no more verbal promises. So things are changing for good. My aim is to highlight these amazing developments happening in the field of sustainable energy and inspire people to do their bit.

Enough of the lecture, let’s talk about INDIA. I am so so proud that my country is moving in the right direction. In a time where developed countries are not ready to give up fossil fuels as their primary energy source, India, a developing country is making huge strides in the area of renewable energy. Even though the country’s major energy source is Coal, it is investing ‘bigly’ in renewable energy, especially, Solar. The Indian minister of New and Renewable Energy, Mr. Piyush Goyal, is working really hard to make the goals that are set for 2022, come true. He is confident that 60-65% of energy produced in India would be green. And by the speed he is going, the goal seems achievable.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Segregate your waste people. It is a very simple thing to do, saves up a lot of time of people who collect your waste and make your environment cleaner. With new waste to energy plants coming up everywhere, it is a good idea to segregate your waste as much as possible to make it easier for authorities to create energy out of it.

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