DSC02386-02.jpegसुहाना हर दर्द है,
जो तू मेरा हमदर्द है.

Human has always turned to nature for inspiration. In this world of everyone for themselves, we are lucky to have nature by our side. We are lucky to have nature to confide our trust in. We are lucky to have nature as source for constant learning.

In my 6 years of photography and bird watching, I have always come to learn about mind blowing facts about birds, which if one applies to their life, can improve it bit by bit. Case in point, mynas. In my homeland, these are commonly seen everywhere and as it goes with everything commonplace, one doesn’t really care about it. If you might have noticed, mynas are often found in a pair. It is believed every myna is paired with their soulmates, and they spend their day, night, every meal, every thing with each other. If, by some sad incident, they are separated, the one left alone doesn’t survive for long. Easily, they can be given the title of हमदर्द, or someone who shares their pain together.

I was shocked to find out, to say the least, that a pair of birds can show so much commitment and love towards one another where humans are so scared by the word commitment itself. Today, a relationship is all about that honeymoon phase, those 4-6 months of eternal bliss. But true relationship starts after that phase, that’s when shit gets real, that’s when you need to show the person you have spent the past few months, that you are there to stay for them, for better or worse.

I am having a classic parent moment here. I am pretty sure every one of you must have heard this from your parents, “In our times, the definition of X was Y, look at your generation.” Maybe I am old now, maybe in my generation things were different. Where we had to call up the landline, fear that her mom would pick up (99.99% of the times), and then embarrassingly ask for her. Where we had to go through so much trouble to get her number. Where the only memory of the time spent with them was an actual memory and not selfies. Maybe that is why we cherish this feeling so dearly.

Love, is a very strong feeling, and yet the most mysterious. Everyone has their own definition of love and to me none is wrong. Love is when you stick around when things get the worst. Love is when you make them smile while they are crying. Love is in the small things. Love is when you are proud of all the little things. Love is when you give and give without any expectations of return. Love is understanding their silence. And if you have it in your life, do not give up  just because “the spark has gone”. Stay. Believe me, it’ll be worth it, can personally attest it.

Give love a chance. ❤️