Inner Peace

Inner Peace

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”
― Gautama Buddha

Are you ready to fight yourself?  Inner peace is achieved when the inner war ends. But until you deal with the ways you get knotted up inside, your life will be complicated, and inner peace will elude you.

What is inner peace? 

It is when we stop looking outside for solutions to our problems and, instead, turn our attention inward to make peace with our own self. This simple act of attention is extra ordinary. It heals, calms, and clarifies like nothing else.

We are experts at denying ourselves. Remember how you lectured your friend on how to deal with some problem but deny applying the same facts in you own life, knowing it will do you good. Another example, take up a hobby, there is for sure something you are avoiding to try just because you might fail in it. These hidden aspects grow in our ignorance and once they are in their supreme they start changing our behavior. Here is when Inner peace comes in play, once you start facing yourself, asking questions to yourself and finally finding a solution for it, there is no more conflict, no more confusion. Just PEACE.

Now, how one may achieve this?

Different people, Different opinion. For me, it is the time I spend with my camera alone, capturing the world, challenging myself to do better in every photograph. The time, I go to a temple alone and connect myself with some special force and start asking myself what I have been doing with my life lately. I do get some answers, many of them are hard to follow, but they are worth it, because in the end everything falls into right places. The time I meet my best friends after a long time and relive my old days.

Let go of all the grudges you had. Your thoughts about what happened are keeping you stuck. Release yourself by letting go of the story and feeling right into the pain. This has nothing to do with the other person, but will help you with a better life.

Any inner knot can be untangled when you pay attention to it. Start with whatever is troubling you right now, and know that every moment of awareness simplifies and have a good life.