Sun- rise of Hope.

Sun- rise of Hope.

“If you want to be reminded of the love of the Lord, just watch the sunrise.”
― Jeannette Walls

Well, I am a pretty lazy fellow. And getting up in the morning, just for the sake of running, is not a perfect way for me to spend them. Then too, my friends forced me to come and join them, they called me up continuously, until I got up. Grumbling tiredly like a troll awakened from a deep sleep, I climbed out of my bed. Looking around at the window, a sense of gloom permeates me as I realize that it isn’t even light yet. But my sole purpose was to capture the sunrise. So, I get dressed, keeping aside all these thoughts.

When I reached the nearby park, I see my friends and automatically I have a wide smile on my face. Something good happened after all. I was now excited to capture life around me and the sunrise, when I stumbled across this huge dead tree, with some crows sitting on the top, as if they were discussing their plans for the day. With the sunrise in the backdrop, I was mesmerized by this radiant sight.

That time, I felt how sunrise was a sign of hope. I heard it from people, but never really thought about it. A new day of life starts with it. When a man’s failures and circumstances are killing him, a hope rises. I was just sitting there, thinking about my life,how to re – assemble it, thanking god for such a statuesque view, and clicking photographs.